Hosting and Infrastructure

Ensite provides a high-performance computing platform to host server workloads. Several options are available to suit your computing requirements. Choose from the compute Infrastructure as a Service offerings below:


Ensite provides a high-performance computing platform to host server workloads. Several options are available to suit your computing requirements. Choose from the compute Infrastructure as a Service offerings below:

Virtual Data Centre

Scalable and flexible virtual private resource pool (CPU, RAM & Storage) to host multiple server workloads. Includes a self-service portal for full control of your servers.

Cloud Servers

Scalable and flexible virtual private server (CPU, RAM & Storage) for single servers. Includes as self-service portal for full control of your server.

Dedicated Servers

Bare metal servers as a monthly OPEX fee hosted in our racks. Bespoke, built to order 1,2 & 4RU Dell industry leading servers with the latest Intel or AMD processors.

Hosted HCI

Dedicated hosted hyper converged infrastructure delivered as a private cloud environment that is based on software defined, compute network and storage.


We provide storage as a service that is based on enterprise grade storage systems. These storage services are available for consumption as a monthly fee and delivered from our Cloud Platform.

Storage is a critical part of computing as it contains information consumed by applications. Depending on your application will determine the type of storage and access method required. We offer Cloud Block, File and Object Storage with different types of storage and access methods to meet application requirements.


Use Cases

Protocol Support


Cloud Block Storage


  • Traditional Workloads
  • SQL Databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Primary Applications

Cloud File Storage


  • File Shares
  • Backups
  • Video Surveillance

Cloud Object Storage

S3/Swift APIs

  • Big Data
  • Archive
  • Analytics
  • Web Content


We provide a number of network connectivity services to ensure optimal connectivity to our IaaS platform. There are various connectivity mechanisms to meet your requirements. These network connectivity services go hand in hand with our security services to ensure secure connectivity to our IaaS platform.

Direct Connect

Connect at LAN speed to our IaaS services. 1Gpbs or 10Gbps connectivity and no traffic charges.

Remote Access

SL VPN connectivity to ensure secure connectivity over shared or dedicated internet access to your servers or storage environments. Multi-factor authentication options available.

Shared Internet Access

Premium internet access with unlimited traffic at no cost to connect to your server or storage environments. Public IPv4 assignment.

Dedicated Internet Access

Premium 1:1 dedicated internet access to your server or storage environments.


Ensite provides a number of security services to ensure that your servers hosted with us are protected. There are several security services to choose from depending on your security requirements.

Shared Firewall

Included by default for secure access to your Virtual Data Centres, Cloud Servers and Veeam Cloud Backup storage environments.

Shared Firewall VDOM

VDOM – Used for advanced network and security requirements such as dedicated internet access and multiple DMZ’s.

Dedicated Firewalls

Next Generation Firewall appliances for hardware based firewall performance and complex security requirements.

Web Application Firewall

Application level (Layer 7) security for web and application servers.

Firewall Logging

Firewall event correlation and reporting for compliance.


Malware, spyware, phishing, trojan, rootkit protection and detection.

Network Private Access

Next-generation zero trust remote access technology which allows seamless connectivity to private and public resources whilst removing the exposure of VPN, gateways and applications to the internet.

Backup & Recovery

We provide a number of services to ensure your servers are protected. Cloud Servers, Virtual Data Centres and/or Dedicated Servers can be backed up using our Cloud Backup service. Our Cloud Backup service is a managed or self-service backup service. Backups are stored on physically separated infrastructure with optional offsite backups. We also provide Veeam customers the ability to back up their on-premise servers to our data centres.  These services are based on a monthly fee for the volume of data and servers being backed up. We offer a host of backup and recovery options for multi-cloud environments.

Cloud Backup

Managed backup service for your Cloud Server, Virtual Data Centre, Dedicated Server or Hosted HCI. Cloud Backup ensures that hosted data is protected. Cloud Backups are powered by Veeam and backups are transferred to a separate physical environment.  Standard options include 7-day and 21-day retention periods, and custom retention periods are also available.  Self-service backup is available for Virtual Data Centres, whereby you manage and control, backup schedules and retention periods.

Veeam Cloud Backup

Veeam Cloud Connect with Cloud Storage for customers who have Veeam on premise or hosted and wish to back up to a secondary location. Veeam Cloud Connect is integrated into Veeam Backup & Replication and with Veeam compression and de-duplication technology, offsite backups and replication over the WAN becomes a reality.

Customers can extend their Veeam on premise storage environment to our  Cloud, by adding our Cloud Repository on their Veeam Server as a backup target. Backups jobs can be scheduled through Veeam and stored in our Cloud Storage Environment. This eliminates the need for cumbersome tape rotation and management while still adhering to compliance requirements.

Veeam Cloud Backup Immutability

We provide backup immutability with the use of Veeam Backup & Replication v10 object lock functionality and our S3 compatible Cloud Object Storage. The object lock functionality prohibits deletion of data from object storage until the immutability expiration date is met. Immutability expiration is managed and defined by you in your Veeam Backup & Recovery console.

Adhere to Veeam’s data protection best practices ensuring data is protected from any type of threat including ransomware. Veeam best practice for data protection adheres to the 3-2-1-1 rule: 3 different copies of data, on 2 different media types, 1 copy is offsite and 1 copy is offline.

Leverage Veeam Backup & replication’s scale out backup repositories to ensure placement of backups on the appropriate tier. Performance tier should be local (LAN) to the backup server and leverage our object storage for the capacity tier.  Create a single backup job within Veeam Backup & replication that creates a second copy of your backup in our cloud object storage.

Veeam Cloud Backup Immutability includes the following features:

  • Instantaneous access to object storage
  • Veeam backups stored as locked (immutable) objects
  • Backups are encrypted in-flight and at-rest
  • Manage from your Veeam Console
  • Recover backups quickly from instantaneous access storage
  • Scale storage when needed
  • Offsite backups to the cloud
  • No ingress or egress costs
  • Cost effective storage
  • 24×7 support

Backup for Microsoft 365

Service to ensure the backup of Office 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.  Backup for Office 365 allows you to schedule backups every day, week, month or even hours depending on your requirements. Your data is backed up to our Cloud Object Storage for long term retention, with an unlimited storage quota and unrestricted retention policy.


The Backup-as-a-Service is a complete bespoke backup service that can include software, storage and managed services for servers hosted on premise, co-located or in cloud environment(s). Our Backup-as-a-Service is powered by Veeam, the industry leading backup solution.

Veeam Backup & Replication software supports the backup and recovery of physical, virtual, Windows, Linux and UNIX servers that includes application aware backup and recovery technology.

Primary workloads may be hosted in multiple locations, and we will manage the backup of workloads across all locations. Backup monitoring, capacity planning, schedule optimisation, performance optimisation and alerting is included to ensure optimal backup and recovery. Backup policies, retention periods and reporting are customised to meet compliance requirements.

Disaster Recovery

We provide Disaster Recovery as a Service to ensure the availability of services in the event of a Disaster. The offering includes a managed service to ensure servers are replicated from a primary site to a secondary site. These workloads may be hosted in on premises data centre(s) or hosted data centre(s).

Replication from a primary site is performed asynchronously at a server level. Once the server has been replicated to a secondary site, the server is then available to be powered on and accessible in the event of an outage at the primary site.  Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives are customisable according to customer requirements and infrastructure capabilities. We can provide the necessary infrastructure on premise or in the cloud with the appropriate managed service to meet DR requirements.

We facilitate DR using replication technologies from VMware and Veeam. Replication on a per virtual machine or an entire virtual estate enables customers to protect critical systems. DR is available for VMware and Hyper-V platforms with RPO’s as low as 5 minutes. The service includes self-service management or can be managed by our technical team.

Customers have the option to replicate from on-premise into our Cloud Platform or between sites within our infrastructure. Replication traffic is SSL encrypted from source to target to ensure no exposure during transit. For customers with VMware on-premise, simply select our cloud storage as your DR target from within Virtual Centre and replicate to our data centre.

Testing can be executed easily and simply without impacting existing replications. Testing is non-impactful and completely customizable from the start up order of VMs to modifying networking.

DRaaS streamlines and simplifies DR processes as well as reducing cost. There is no need for capital investment for dedicated DR hardware as the service is based on a monthly OPEX fee.

Cold Standby Server

Cold Standby Server allows customers to replicate their servers from their on-premises data centre(s) or hosted data centres into Ensite’s Cloud.

Replication is performed at a server level. The organisation’s IT administrators can set the number of servers and frequency of the replication per server. Once the server has been replicated to our Cloud, the servers are in a cold standby state, and available to be powered on and accessible in the event of an outage at the customer’s premises.

Cold Standby Servers benefits include a low-cost entry point for DR. The service is available starting from a single server per customer enabling customers to select only critical servers or systems that require DR. The service is available for physical and virtual servers.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Ensite can provide Dedicated Infrastructure as a monthly fee for compute, network, storage, backup and security appliances in data centres of your choice. The following Dedicated Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings are available.

Dedicated Compute

Dedicated Servers and Hyper Converged Infrastructure options are available.

Dedicated Networking

Dedicated 1/10/25 Gbps network switches are available for switching and routing requirements.

Dedicated Storage

Dedicated Block, File and Object Storage options are available.

Dedicated Backup Storage

Dedicated backup storage options are available.

Dedicated Security Appliances

Dedicated next generation firewalls and Web Application Firewall options are available.