If you opt to focus your efforts on your core business rather than employ a full or part-time IT staff compliment, we offer managed services to take care of your IT needs in accordance with your technology strategy, budget and business requirements. This may include your entire technology estate, or only some components – you choose.

You may, for instance, choose to have your in-house resources provide L1 support for your desktop, laptop and printer support, and want us to look after your network, security and backups.

IT Asset Inventory, Monitoring and Management

Our industry leading N-Able suite of monitoring and management tools provide a comprehensive inventory of your technology assets, which are monitored 24×7. You choose, and only pay for, which assets you want to monitor – servers, desktops, laptops, storage or any combination thereof.

Our systems log support tickets automatically for any faults detected, and also attempt to automatically resolve issues. Where automatic remedy is not possible, our engineers investigate and resolve the reported faults.

Updates and patches are deployed automatically where feasible, so you never have to worry about your Windows updates again. If required, servers can be excluded from automatic updates and patched manually in accordance with your change management processes.